5 Ways to Spot Fake News

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Lately, in cyberspace, there has been a lot of fake information and news better known as “hoaxes” by several irresponsible individuals in the daily online news source.

If you are not careful, netizens will easily fall for these hoaxes and even spread false information, which will of course be very detrimental to the victims of slander.

So how do you avoid being provoked? This time we will provide information on how to differentiate between fake news and news that comes from trusted daily online news site. This is important for you to know because it can help you avoid misleading news.

Be Careful With Provocative Titles

Hoax news often uses provocative sensational titles, for example by directly pointing the finger at certain parties.  The content can also be taken from official media news, only changed to create the perception desired by the hoax maker.

Therefore, if you come across news with provocative titles, you should look for references in the form of similar news from official online sites, then compare the contents, whether they are the same or different.  In this way, at least you will be able to get a more balanced conclusion from the reader.

Pay Attention To The Site Address

For information obtained from websites or including links, pay attention to the URL address of the site in question. If it comes from a site that has not been verified as an official press institution – for example using a blog domain, then the information can be said to be doubtful.

Check The Facts

Pay attention to where the news comes from and who is the source, make sure it comes from the trusted daily online news source. Is it from an official institution or not? It’s best not to be quick to believe information that comes from mass organization activists, political figures, or observers.

Pay attention to the balance of news sources. If there is only one source, readers cannot get the complete picture.

Another thing that needs to be observed is the difference between news based on facts and opinions.  Facts are events that occurred with testimony and evidence, while opinions are the opinions and impressions of news writers so they tend to be subjective.

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Check The Authenticity Of The Photo

In the current era of digital technology, it is not only content in the form of text that can be manipulated but also other content in the form of photos or videos.  There are times when fake news creators also edit photos to provoke readers.

The way to check the authenticity of a photo can be by using the Google search engine, namely by dragging and dropping into the Google Images search column.  Search results will present similar images found on the internet so they can be compared.

Choose News That Is Written Clearly And Well

One way that you can differentiate between hoax news and news that comes from trusted sources is to look at the news in which it is written.

Good News has clear information and uses good writing standards.  So, if you want to differentiate between what is real and what is a hoax, you can look at these two things and of course always count on the good daily online news source.