Daily Sports Routine From the Successful Teams

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Maintain health by increasing the body’s resistance, aka the immune system. Our body’s immunity must be maintained as best as possible so that disease does not attack easily. According to the sports news online We can do various things to always maintain and improve the body’s immune system, including adopting a healthy lifestyle, avoiding stress, and exercising.

We all know that according the information from the sports news online that Exercising is important, to maintain body fitness and encourage the body’s immune system to always be alert. Indeed, sometimes we feel lazy about doing even light exercise, but moving regularly has long-term health benefits that we will feel as we get older.

And this is the daily sports routine that you copy from the successful sports teams that you can do at home.


You don’t have to buy a treadmill to be able to jog at home. It is enough to use the yard in front of the house, or a place that is a little more spacious to be able to do this type of exercise.

Before jogging, you should warm up to avoid unwanted things such as muscle injury. Jogging doesn’t need to be too long, as long as you do it regularly you can get a healthy body.

Sit-Stand Movement

This sport is very easy to do, you just need to prepare a chair as a medium.  Do a sitting movement for three seconds then stand up.  Repeat this movement according to the rhythm.

When doing this movement, make sure you sit without leaning back, your body position is upright, with your gaze straight ahead and your stomach pulled forward.

This movement is useful for practicing breathing and training the leg muscles.

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Up and Down Stairs

If your house has two floors, you can use the stairs to exercise.  This sport is like jogging.  You just walk up and down the stairs like a normal walk.  Do this movement repeatedly and rhythmically.

Towards the end of the exercise, the walking tempo is a little faster, like running.  This sport aims to train the leg muscles.


This sport is a movement that is very easy to do because you can do it anywhere, even in a small room.  The push-up movement begins with the position of sleeping on your stomach with your hands on the right and left sides of your body, then Your body is pushed up with the strength of your hands while your body and legs remain straight or upright.

Then lower your body without touching the floor while keeping your body and legs straight. Do this movement repeatedly. This movement is useful for training upper body strength and muscle strength.


Just like the push-up movement, the sit-up movement is also very easy to do.  The starting position for this movement is that you lie down with your legs bent with the soles of your feet touching the floor.  Or the legs can be in a straight position, the arms can be straightened forward, crossed in front of the chest, or bent with the palms directly behind the head.

Then lift your upper body until it touches your knees, then lower yourself to the original position.  Do this movement as many times as you can. This movement is useful for training the muscles in the abdominal area.

Those are daily sports routines that you can do at home according from the sports news online and also from the successful sports team. Hopefully, this article could help you find a way to a better life.